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Do you need support inh employment law?

It is advisable to book an appointment with attorney Anna Vorwerg on labor law issues well in advance.



Ms. Vorwerg is passionate about her clients’ interests in employment law. Among other things, she represents your interests in the following questions:

employment contracts

Supporting employers and employees in drafting and reviewing employment contracts to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

protection against dismissal

Defending the rights of employees in dismissal matters as well as advising and appealing employers in the event of lawful dismissals. Lawyer Vorwerg advises you on concluding termination agreements and ensures that employment references are designed in accordance with your interests.

working time and leave

Help with questions about working time regulations, overtime, leave entitlements and other working time-related matters.

operating agreements

Supporting companies and works councils in drafting and negotiating works agreements to ensure a smooth working relationship.

individual care

Every case is unique. Attorney Vorwerg takes the time to understand the specific needs of her clients and develop suitable, individual solutions.

experience and expertise

Attorney Vorwerg has many years of experience in labor law and always keeps up to date with the latest case law. She is currently deepening her knowledge as part of a specialist lawyer course in 2023/2024.


Attorney Vorwerg works efficiently to find solutions in a reasonable time so that you have clarity as quickly as possible.

clear communication

Attorney Vorwerg attaches great importance to open and transparent communication so that you are always informed about the progress of your cases.

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