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Attorney Britta Lehnert works as a victim advocay. She advises and appears for you if you are affected by violence.

Every third woman in Germany experiences violence in the course of her life. 

Nobody has the right to of inflicting violence to other people.Ms. Lehnert is at your side from the time you report it to the police right through to the court hearing.

Violence happens every day, in public but also at home.

It does not begin when the body is injured; the threshold can be with

words and even unwanted closeness can be exceeded.

Do you experience violence in your home, for example in your relationship?

It is not your duty to leave the apartment and seek shelter

outside your usual living environment.

The same applies if you are being followed, for example by ex-partners.


You also don't have to wait until it's too late.

Together we apply for a court ban on approaching each other.

the transfer of the shared apartment.

Help in an emergency:

Violence against women helpline
(08000) 116016

Domestic violence emergency call (Women for Women e.V.)
(0341) 4798179

Emergency call for sexualized violence (Women for Women e.V.)
(0341) 30610800

Police emergency call
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