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victim representation

your rights as an affected person

German criminal proceedings place perpetrators at the center of the proceedings. Victims of crime are all too often degraded to formal evidence as witnesses in the main trial.

In many cases, you as the victim have the opportunity to join the proceedings as a person Co-plaintiff and thus exert an influence. For example, you receive the right to question us

Witnesses and the opportunity to submit your own motions for evidence if you have the impression that the court is not adequately fulfilling its duty to provide information. 

You can join at any point in the process. Ms. Lehnert will be happy to support you

Filing criminal charges with the police, in the subsequent investigation, of course in the

Main hearing in courtand, if necessary, subsequently in an appeal or revision procedure.

In some cases, you also have the right to free psychosocial support during the process.

Ms. Lehnert applies for your need to have a trained person assigned to you at every stage of the process

cares about your mental well-being.


You can rely on this support from the very first time you give a statement to the police.

Justitia Göttin

criminal defense

your right in criminal proceedings

If you are suspected of a criminal offense, the power of the state can quickly seem excessive. Even the first police questioning or a hearing form can be frightening. That is the reason why Ms. Lehnert advises you from the beginning of the preliminary proceedings to the end of the of the legal proceedings and helps you when dealing with the criminal prosecution authorities.

Therefore, arranging an appointment as soon as possible is advisable. 

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